wednesday, 6/1/2021: i'm not sleeping okay, i never do when i'm oN mY pERioD. no methods or whatever help me fall asleep within less than an hour so i just put up with it until my period eventually ends. oh well, the night before last night i had a happy dream about my boyfriend so i guess that compensates for sleeping badly. the day feels shorter and simpler when i do my online lessons, normal school feels like it drags on forever and just won't STOP.

monday, 4/1/2021: it's my mom's birthday today which is really cool, what isn't cool is that my period started today and it hurts GRRRR. bandori has taken over my life right now, my favorite band is hello happy world because their songs are so catchy and fun to listen to. the members are funny, memorable and all of them are babey. i don't really have a favorite member of hhw because i like all of them it's hard to choose. i only have two 4 star units from poppin' party (tae and arisa) so i just have my main band as them eventho i don't like them THAT much but i need to get that ss rank quicker on songs.

saturday, 2/1/2021: ahahaaha i neglected this thing again, anyways happy new year, i'm back and my school is closed i am so happy because i dont have to deal with the annoying lil shits there anymore :)). my birthday happened while i was gone from here and me and my mom ordered some awesome ramen for it.

saturday, 10/10/2020: trying to give this site a bit of a revamp after abandoning it for at least 3 months, hope it goes well.